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"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matt 11:28)  "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

         Welcome to the world of Messages of hope, faith and peace.  Many people are touched by these messages all over the world through Internet.  Yes, my friends, It is our prayer that through listening these messages may the divine peace, joy and abundant life of Jesus Christ flow in your hearts and in your lives.  Relax sit back and Enjoy........

List of Audio Messages

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English - Hindi Messages

Vinod K. Isaac   Resurrection of Jesus
Vinod K. Isaac   Jesus came to take away our sin
Vinod K. Isaac   Pre Existence of Jesus and His Birth
Vinod K. Isaac   Prodigal Son
Vinod K. Isaac   Jesus delivers demon possesed
Vinod K. Isaac   Appearances of Jesus Christ
Vinod K. Isaac   Do you Love Me?
Vinod K. Isaac   Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Vinod K. Isaac   Do not worry nor have greed
Vinod K. Isaac   Easter Message
Vinod K. Isaac   Martha, Mary and Lazarus
Vinod K. Isaac   Christmas Message given in Satsang
Vinod K. Isaac   Message given by Vinod Isaac in Satsang
Vinod K. Isaac  

Vinod Isaac's Message on 9th Nov. 2007

Sherly Isaac  

God who Heals us!

Vinod K. Isaac Read Message Why  is this weeping ? Why is this bitterness?
Sheela J. Isaac  

Guarantee of safety is from God alone
Spiritual Journey - How does it begin?

Sherly N. Isaac  

God who Restores our future
God who restores our future II

English Messages

Vinod K. Isaac

Christmas Message
Jesus the High Priest
Come to Me III
Come to Me II
Come to Me I

Read Message

My Lord, My God

Sheela J. Isaac

Jesus the Savior
Where will you spend Eternity

Read Message Anointing of the Holy Spirit
Read Message True Love
Sherly N. Isaac

You Shall Not Lie
The Love of Christ

Read Message

A True Friend

Read Message

You Shall Not Steal

Read Message

Promise for 1999

Read Message

Rules of the Road

Hindi Messages

Vinod K. Isaac  

Jagat ki Jyoti

Sheela J. Isaac   Pavitr Atma ka Abhishek
Sacha Prem
Yeshu Masih Udharkarta
Ap Apna Anant Jivan Kaha Bitayenge
Sherly N. Isaac  

Sadak ke Niyam
Tu chori na Karna
Ek Sacha Mitra
Prabhu Yeshu Masih Ka Prem


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